View SRA Virtual Appliance Health

Status > Health

  1. Go to the Status > Health page in the /appliance administrative interface. The Health page presents you with information to help you ensure efficiency from your BeyondTrust SRA Virtual Appliance installation. The information presented can help you solve problems you may encounter with your SRA Virtual Appliance.
  2. Real-time information displays in three categories: CPU, Memory, and Storage. For each category, view Value, Status, and any associated Notes.
  3. Value displays the specific CPU, Memory, and Storage parameters associated with your SRA Virtual Appliance installation. To help you quickly assess the performance of your installation, in Status you may see green check , blue exclamation mark , or red X icons.


RS Virtual Appliance Host Detection Check Icon

A green check icon shows you at a glance that a certain category is sufficiently configured for optimal SRA Virtual Appliance performance.

RS Virtual Appliance Host Detection Exclamation Icon

A blue exclamation mark indicates that you may need to make changes to improve performance. Suggested changes are listed in the adjacent Notes column.

RS Virtual Appliance Host Detection X Icon

A red X icon alerts you to a memory error situation that could cause disruptions for your SRA Virtual Appliance. The suggested changes to correct the issue associated with a red X are listed in the adjacent Notes column and may require you to contact BeyondTrust Technical Support.