BeyondTrust Appliance B Series Overview

BeyondTrust was the first to introduce a B Series Appliance-based approach to remote support. Our patented deployment model - the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series - is a highly secure option for deploying remote support.

The BeyondTrust Appliance B Series, whether physical or virtual, resides at your facility or data center, under your security measures. This deployment model offers more control over security, giving you a safe way to integrate remote support with identity management and making it easy to export reporting data and videos for a complete audit trail.

Anatomy of the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series

BeyondTrust B400 B Series Appliance

The BeyondTrust Appliance B Series uses two administrative web interfaces to isolate hardware administration from user management, /appliance and /login.

B Series Appliance Administration

Web Interface /appliance
Used for:

  • Installing and configuring hardware
  • Upgrading BeyondTrust software

The B Series Appliance Administration Guide


User Administration

Web Interface /login
Used for:

  • Managing users and workflows
  • Reporting on support activity
  • Creating and using integrations

The BeyondTrust Administrative Guide

Using this Guide

For security reasons, BeyondTrust has separated administration of the B Series Appliance from user administration.

Accordingly, this guide focuses exclusively on administration of the BeyondTrust Appliance B Series. Information on user administration (the /login web interface) can be found in the BeyondTrust Admin Interface.