Initial BeyondTrust Appliance B Series Network Configuration

The BeyondTrust Appliance B Series must be configured before being deployed on your network. The network configuration settings are available in the B Series Appliance administrative interface, accessible from a web browser on your computer.

The steps below walk you through network configuration. The process may vary depending upon your operating system.

DHCP-Enabled Network Locations

Photograph showing the video port on the back of the B Series Appliance.

If the network location you have selected for your B Series Appliance has DHCP enabled, the B Series Appliance receives an IP address from the network and is immediately available.

The IP appliance can be accessed at https://<ipaddress>/appliance. You can find this IP address via the console on the video port.

Use the default username and password to log in:

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: password

Upon initial login, you are prompted to change your B Series Appliance administration password.


Static IP Configuration

If using DHCP, skip this Static IP Configuration section and go to the /appliance Configuration section.

If the network location selected for your appliance does not have DHCP enabled, the appliance must be configured with a static IP via the console port. A display and keyboard (using a USB port on front or back) must be connected to the appliance.

  1. Press Enter to log in to the console.

    SRA Console Login


  2. Type 1 to select Login, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Menu

    • Default username: admin
    • Default password: password


  3. Type 1 to select the Networking menu, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Menu


  4. Type 3 to select the Interface - eth0 menu, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Networking Menu


  5. Type 4 to select Add IP, and then press Enter.

    SRA Console Interface eth0


  6. Type 1 to select IP and enter the desired IP address. Press Enter.

    SRA Console Add IP


  7. (Optional): Type 2 to select Prefix Length if a change is required, and then type 4 to select Save and Exit.
  8. (Optional): Type 3 to disable DHCP on this interface.
  9. Type 3 to select Default Gateway (IPv4), and then press Enter.

    SRA Default Gateway


  10. Type 1 to select Gateway and enter the desired default gateway address. Press Enter.

    SRA Default Gateway IPv4


  11. Select Save and Exit, and then press Enter.
  12. Access your appliance at https://<ipaddress>/appliance.

/appliance Configuration

Status > Basics
B Series Appliance Statistics

The Status > Basics Page

Once you are logged into the /appliance interface, you the Status > Basics page is displayed. This page includes information such as the serial number which BeyondTrust Technical Support requires to register the B Series Appliance with the BeyondTrust licensing servers.

  1. Take a screenshot of this page and send it to BeyondTrust Technical Support. The Support team uses this information to register your B Series Appliance.


The NIC Configuration section in /appliance

IP Configuration

  1. Navigate to Networking > IP Configuration. Under the NIC Configuration section, click Add New IP.


IP :: AddIP :: Add

  1. Enter the static IP address and subnet mask for your B Series Appliance. Typically you should leave the default values for both fields. You can decide if this IP address will support session traffic, web traffic, or both.
    • Click Save Changes.


Global Network ConfigurationGlobal Network Configuration

  1. Under the Global Network Configuration section, set your default gateway. Enter your default gateway and DNS server addresses.
    • Click Save Changes.

Valid DNS settings are required for failover and automatic updates to function properly.


For more about network configuration, see The BeyondTrust Appliance B Series in the Network.