Support Apple® iOS Devices with BeyondTrust

With BeyondTrust, support representatives can support Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® devices to help remote users resolve issues and configure settings. BeyondTrust makes possible screen-sharing support for iOS 8.0.+ devices attached to a standard OS X Yosemite or above screen sharing session. With the iOS customer client app, the remote user can also chat with the representative, and share images from the camera roll. Additionally, the representative can transfer files to the remote device and view its system information.

BeyondTrust also provides a portal for distribution of Apple iOS configuration profiles. These profiles can be installed on iOS devices to efficiently load settings, implement security policies, and so forth. Profiles are maintained through the administrative interface and can be either public, available to anyone who can access the support portal, or private, requiring an access key provided by a privileged representative.

Web-based click-to-chat is also available on Apple iOS devices. Click-to-chat allows you to easily chat with your remote customer without requiring your customer to download or run the BeyondTrust customer client app. To use click-to-chat, the remote user must use a modern browser supported by BeyondTrust.

App developers can use the BeyondTrust Embedded Mobile App Support SDK to embed BeyondTrust's remote support technology into iOS applications. This allows you to support your mobile applications remotely by offering in-app remote screen viewing, custom special actions, custom system information, and file transfer to help resolve application or training issues your users are experiencing. The SDK is not covered in this document. If you develop your own apps and are interested in supporting those apps, contact your BeyondTrust Technical Support representative or submit a support request at