Support Android Devices with BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust Support App in Android

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, support representatives can help users of Android-powered devices resolve issues. This guide provides instructions for supporting Android devices through BeyondTrust Remote Support.

BeyondTrust Android support is limited to phones, tablets, and Zebra devices. Other Android-powered devices are not certified or tested for compatibility.

The minimum device requirement is Android version 6.0. Depending on the version and device implementation, some features may not be available, may require additional confirmation, or may appear slightly different from the screen shots in this manual.

When supporting devices, full screen sharing and control is possible. The remote user can also chat and share their device's screen in a view-only support session. The representative can transfer files to the remote device and view its system information.

Web-based click-to-chat is available on Android devices. Click-to-chat allows you to easily chat with the remote user without requiring them to download or run the BeyondTrust Remote Support client app. To use click-to-chat, the remote user must be using an up-to-date browser supported by BeyondTrust.



To support Android devices, your B Series Appliance must be equipped with a valid SSL certificate signed by a certificate authority. Android devices will not accept a self-signed certificate when downloading the BeyondTrust customer client. Once you have applied a CA-signed SSL certificate to your B Series Appliance, contact BeyondTrust Technical Support. Your support representative will create a new software build that integrates your SSL certificate. With this updated build installed on your B Series Appliance, you can support Android devices.

App developers can use the BeyondTrust Embedded Mobile App Support SDK to embed BeyondTrust's remote support technology into Android applications. This allows you to support your mobile applications remotely by offering in-app remote screen viewing, custom special actions, custom system information, and file transfer to help resolve application or training issues your users are experiencing. The SDK is not covered in this document. If you develop your own apps and are interested in supporting those apps, contact your BeyondTrust Technical Support representative or submit a support request at