UVM Security Management Appliance Software 3.2.2 Release Notes

September 3, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Improved the security update installation workflow with new screens.
  • Added support for the new SUPI 3.0 Engine. Added screens for package details and history.
  • You can now schedule the installation of SUPI packages.
  • The PBW role now retains role settings set by the user and does not overwrite them with policy settings.
  • Improved communication between BTUpdater and the UVM Software.
  • Added support for BeyondInsight 7.0 database calls.

Known Issues:

  • Attempting UPLOAD CRYPTO KEY OPTIONS fails with ERROR: Could not find a part of the path.
  • Product versions do not display on the LCD Panel.
  • High Availability setup does not work if user has custom SSL certs in the UVM certificates store.
  • When performing a backup with a remote BeyondInsight database and a local Auditing & Reporting database, there could be an invalid login attempt for SA user looking for BeyondInsightReporting on the remote db.
  • When invalid dates are used to schedule a SUPI update, some of the pop-up messages returned are not in a user-friendly format.
  • Warning card when not subscribed to SUPI subscriptions is not displayed in a warning banner.
  • The Schedule Update card is displaying a radio button of an incorrect size and alignment.
  • Odd highlighting can occur when UI items receive focus.
  • A SUPI 3.0 radio button and accompanying text are not aligned properly in the GUI.
  • A Date Time picker cannot be disabled in the GUI.
  • When running a repair on UVM Software, an error is displayed: The specified account already exists.
  • When uninstalling, UVM Software Services are not completely removed or not removed at all.
  • On the SUPI Updates page, the second failed package is missing failed icon.
  • On the SUPI Updates page, any error message past two lines is aligned incorrectly.
  • Update Package Name is aligned incorrectly on the Update History page.
  • UVM Time on the Schedule a Reboot page shows users the time but not the UVM time.


  • The Standalone Roles Editor Installer will remain at version 3.2.1 as there were no related changes in 3.2.2.