UVM Security Management Appliance Software 3.1.5 Release Notes

August 27, 2019

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue when attempting to perform an HA pair. Database restores longer than 100 seconds would generate a timeout error.

Known Issues:

  • Cell spacing for the Blue Product versions page in the configuration wizard results in unnecessary word wrap or text being displayed out of cell area.
  • Formatting issues occur when the version card is selected on the final configuration wizard page.
  • References to Retina have not been updated to BeyondTrust Security Scanner.
  • SMTP values are not lined up properly in the configuration wizard.
  • The Maintenance > General Settings > Date/time button does not function.
  • The message "Patch Management: Service eEyeThirdPArtyPatchService2k12 was not found on computer" is received when changing Roles Templates.
  • The Appliance Software Version tile appears empty.


  • Update is available through BeyondTrust Updater or as a manual installation from the download tool.
  • The Standalone Roles Editor and UVMSQL installers have not been updated as the above issue does not impact those installs.