Security Package Update Installer 3.1.0 Release Notes

September 30, 2021

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Improved error message handling that is displayed in web console.
  • Enhanced package handling logic in relation to multiple packages with same major version.
  • Updated properties of SUPI.exe file to match current release version.
  • Added handler for Windows pending file rename operations during installation.

Known Issues:

  • SUPI Service API allows creating duplicate schedules which breaks processing (not UI).


  • This update is available via the BeyondTrust Updater or as a manual installer from the download tool.
  • The desktop SUPI.EXE no longer has a user interface but can still be used at the command prompt to support scripting.
  • SUPI 3.x.x is a prerequisite to installing UVM Software 3.2.2 and later.