BeyondTrust Appliance U-Series Software 3.4.2 Release Notes

March 15, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

  • When setting up a new appliance, and connecting to an existing BeyondInsight database, you are now given the option in the Configuration Wizard to upload a crypto key that allow you to read/write encrypted data.
  • The Deployment Wizard now allows you to store SMTP settings locally, for instances in which BeyondInsight may not be connected, or when local SMTP settings need to be on the appliance.
  • Added the CryptoKey Upload functionality to the Roles Editor.
  • We now expose both local SMTP details and SMTP details retrieved from BeyondInsight.
  • A user can now upload a crypto key file to connect a BI Database when prompted by the Config Wizard.
  • Added support to Maintenance/Roles for connecting to an existing Azure SQL database. BeyondInsight is expected to support this in version 22.2.
  • Added support to the Configuration Wizard for connecting to and/or creating an Azure SQL database. BeyondInsight is expected to support this in version 22.2.
  • Enhanced the Appliance Log bundle to include the full logs folder for the Roles Editor, UVMInterface, and UVMService log items.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which non-UI email notifications were not working.
  • Resolved issue in which the U-Series software could not complete deployment and configuration through API if Windows was not licensed.
  • Resolved issue in which the URL rewrite installer caused an error and caused install to fail, though URL rewrite did not need to run.
  • Resolved issue in which enabling the Cold Spare role on 2012 did not reboot the appliance.
  • Resolved dependency check issue in which installer minimum .NET core version check needed to be updated to 3.1.22.
  • Resolved issue in which Software Versions card still showed BeyondInsight Audits version after Retina had been removed.
  • Resolved issue in which static compression in IIS was not enabled on all sites.
  • Reboot during Deployment Wizard takes greater than 10 minutes to resume into Configuration Wizard.
  • Resolved issue related to enabling 2FA. in Network and RDP Settings > Remote Desktop Protocol that resulted in a Bad Request error when loading page.
  • Resolved issue in which upgrading on some 2012 appliances caused boot loop.


  • This update is available via the BT Updater or as a manual installer from the download tool.
  • .NET Core 3.1.22 or later and .NET Core 5.0.6 or later are required (available through BT Updater).
  • The Deployment and Configuration Wizard is dependent on BeyondInsight 21.2.