BeyondTrust Appliance U-Series Software 3.3 Release Notes

August 10, 2021

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added additional Configuration Wizard Questions.
  • Added an Appliance Key / Marketplace Appliance Bit in BeyondInsight.
  • Removed Enterprise Updater Service.
  • BeyondTrust Network Security Scanner (Retina) has been replaced with BeyondTrust Discovery Agent.
  • Added SSL support for SMTP in Maintenance.
  • Rebranded UVM to BeyondTrust Appliance U-Series.
  • Added BeyondInsight low-privilege SQL user support.
  • Made adjustments to service names.
  • Added KMS server support for well-known volume license keys.
  • Added BeyondTrust Anti-Malware (BAM) notifications to the notifications area in the Web UI.
  • Added Support for BeyondTrust Anti-Malware (BAM) agent .
  • Removed the Roles Templates feature from the Roles Editor UI.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which the backup service could not correctly process a large number of session monitoring files.
  • Resolved issue in which the Maintenance > View Update History page displayed incorrect information.
  • Resolved missing service errors in UVM_Interface.log.
  • Resolved issue in which backups failed when the remote database connection string contained the word local.
  • Resolved issue in which Queue File Synchronization did not work on High Availability page.
  • Resolved issue in 2020-R1 and 2020-R2 images in which SQL Analysis Server permissions were missing, causing backups to fail when Analysis/Reporting roles were turned on.
  • Resolved issue in which deleted BeyondInsight users were still presented as selectable users in notifications (including disabled, locked, and quarantined accounts).
  • Resolved issue with the licensing monitor in which it would check for drive encryption on virtual images when it should have only done so on hardware.
  • Resolved an issue in which Analytics & Reporting failed if it ran for more than 10 minutes.


  • This update is available via the BeyondTrust Updater or as a manual installer from the download tool.
  • .NET Core 3.1.14 or later is required.