Remote Support 19.1.4 Release Notes

June 27, 2019


  • This version of Remote Support is a Limited Availability release, intended specifically for Giustizia. RS 19.1.4 also includes a fix for the rep console Android overlay issue, and can be given as needed to customers experiencing that issue (HELP-2264 and related).
  • This release requires Base software Base 5.4.0.
  • A General Availability RS 19.1 release will be verified next sprint.


  • RS 19.1.4 is a full release from the 19.1-ingredi branch.
  • RS 19.1.4 is verified for LA.
  • RS 19.1.4 supports upgrades from RS 18.1.3+.
  • RS 19.1.4 requires Integration Client 1.6.3.
  • RS 19.1.4 requires ECM 1.2.4.