Integration Client 24.1.1 Release Notes

April 23, 2024

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added and improved logging, including new logging in the Metrics Plugin, to aid debugging issues with specific sessions.
  • Added a new setting to allow batching of error emails in the event that a customer experiences a large number of errors within a short time.

Issues Resolved

  • Removed the FLV format for session recordings. Existing configurations will automatically swap to M4V to avoid failures.
  • Addressed a timing issue in which some sessions could get skipped when multiple schedules are in use and the session falls within a narrow window between the scheduled run time and when the process actually runs.


  • Supports upgrades from any prior release.
  • Certified for GA.
  • Integration Client 24.1.1 is compatible with 19.1 and later versions of the Secure Remote Access products.
  • Metrics-DB Plugin 24.1.1 is certified to work with Integration Client 24.1.1.