Windows 11 Compatibility Statement


With Microsoft’s release of Windows 11 to the market, BeyondTrust is working to create maintenance releases for the Secure Remote Access (SRA) product line to support this new operating system. These maintenance releases are currently scheduled as Remote Support 21.3.3 and Privileged Remote Access 21.2.3. These releases will provide official support for Windows 11, and the support will also be included with the next major releases of both products. It is recommended that Secure Remote Access customers update to one of these releases before upgrading to the Windows 11 operating system.

Privacy Screen

Microsoft has made changes that have removed the ability for the SRA software to provide the privacy screen feature. That feature enables the representative to block out the remote session console screen during an active session. This feature has been disabled when running on Windows 11 but will still work on existing supported operating systems. BeyondTrust is currently investing new approaches to providing this functionality on Windows and will provide updates in a future release. It is recommended that SRA customers should avoid updating systems to Windows 11 if you require this functionality.