Base 6.0.0 Release Notes

July 14, 2020


  • This version of the Base software has been certified for physical Appliances (B200, B300 & B400), virtual Appliances (AWS, Azure, Hyper-V & VMWare) models.
  • Requires Base 5.4.0+ for upgrades.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Support SAML authentication for /appliance.
  • Added AWS Secrets Store backend.
  • Removed link-local management addresses (
  • Added a network reset feature to local console.
  • Added TLS 1.3 support.
  • Added SSL debug tool in /appliance > Support > Utilities.
  • Appliance time is displayed in /appliance > Status.
  • Enabled HTTP2.
  • Syslog events for certificate operations.
  • Added option to force renew Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Important Information for This Release:

KMIP support has been deprecated as part of this release, customers cannot add a new KMIP integration once upgraded to this version. If there is a functioning KMIP integration prior to upgrade, we will import the existing configuration during the upgrade process. If the KMIP configuration is ever deleted from the appliance, it cannot be added back. The appliance has been updated to support AWS key management as the new Secret Store to replace this functionality.

Issues Resolved:

  • Corrected disk provisioning for T3/M5 instance types for AWS models.
  • Resolved issue with syslog with IPv6.
  • Resolved issue in which encrypted disk was not properly displayed on Storage tab.