Android SDK 2.2.13 Release Notes

August 13, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • SessionStartException has a new method getError, which returns a new ErrorType enum value describing the cause of the exception.
  • New BomgarSessionDelegate callbacks have been added.
    • sessionReconnectStart
    • sessionReconnectSucceeded
      • When a connection issue causes the client to lose connectivity to an appliance, sessionReconnectStart is called instead of sessionDidDisconnect. Only after the reconnect attempt fails is sessionDidDisconnect called, which is a total connection state reset, with any new session requiring a new connection and authentication.
    • screenSharingStarted
    • screenSharingStopped
      • These events alert the app to the current screen sharing state that the connected representative has initiated.
  • A new BomgarSession method, setPrivacyScreen, was added.
    • This method can be used to disable the representative from capturing the contents of the screen.

Issues Resolved:

  • To resolve issues with screen sharing failing to capture when moving to a new Activity, removed any calls of setRunningActivity(null) from onPause.
  • Updated the documentation to remove the suggestion to call setRunningActivity(null) in the Activity onPause.