Privileged Identity 7.2.1 Release Notes

March 31, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added paging to get-Islistdelegatinpermissionsonaccount PowerShell commandlet.
  • Added support for general OIDC authentication providers for Privileged Identity.
  • Added support for SQL ODBC providers.
  • Added an optional feature to force PI to use ADSetPassword.
  • Added a feature to allow elevation favorites to create a job with a single click.

Issues Resolved:

  • Set the default state of the Database Maintenance job affinity to On.
  • Resolved issue with Azure AD OAuth logins.
  • Resolved issue in which PI was not propagating password changes to .NET propagation types.
  • Resolved issue in which the Elevation group(s) were not saved to Favorites.
  • During a password change operation, the login password for a Custom Account Store now correctly loads in the proper format.
  • When using Self Elevation, the system list now populates correctly with a list of available systems.
  • Resolved issue in which users with the View Web Activity permissions were not able to see Compliance Reports.
  • Resolved issue in which PI logging to Windows Event Log did not persist.
  • Resolved issue in which you could not enter a system in the required system field when creating an Elevation job.