Privileged Identity 6.0.1 Release Notes

July 9, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added Job Create/Edit functionality to the web application.
  • Added Azure Key Vault Account Store Extension.
  • Added HashiCorp Vault Account Store Extension.
  • Added AWS Secrets Manager Account Store Extension.
  • Improved support for SQL Server 2019.
  • Added search filter tooltips.
  • Added support for retrieving SSH keys (PuTTY) through the API in addition to existing RSA key support.
  • Added visual indications for password checkout status.
  • Updated the installer to include integration components.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue in which password request emails were not being sent to the requester on grant or deny.
  • Added client-side validation to comment and description fields for passwords.
  • Resolved issues related to PingOne and OneIdentity SAML logins.
  • Resolved an issue with disconnected account management password policy incorrectly applying special character filters.
  • Resolved issues related to using integrated windows authentication with some types of MFA enabled.
  • Resolved an issue related to editing password detail fields.
  • Resolved issues related to launching applications using static fixed credentials.
  • Resolved an issue with disconnected account management that caused the targeted non-default account to be configured incorrectly on initial push.


  • PI 6.0 exe installer SHA 256 checksum: 65dfbaf4f9adfeda62affae9c3c2b91e69b4149424a18732e4d0743c95242048.
  • PI 6.0 supports upgrades from
  • PI 6.0 supports BeyondTrust PI ECM Plugin 19.3.1.