Privileged Identity ECM Plugin 22.1.1 Release Notes

December 13, 2022

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which a credential, if in use by the same user in multiple sessions, was checked in when the first session ended rather than waiting until all sessions with that credential and for that user ended.
  • Resolved issue in which credential retrieval / checkout failed in certain configurations. Addressed by ensuring the appropriate account is used for the attempt and when that when the application and secondary attempts with the API account are made.


  • The Privileged Identity ECM Plugin requires ECM 1.6.0+.
  • The Privileged Identity ECM Plugin supports upgrades from any prior release.


Signature SHA256 Hash 09965b3689b00f2a9f5d19c187319265d8d4b7767daaa8b4912d47e9e2b1dec3