Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac 23.9 Release Notes

October 31, 2023


  • Trellix (formerly McAfee) Agent (required if you are installing the Privilege Management client with Trellix)

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated product icons to reflect new company wide product branding.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue which caused Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac dialogs to reject valid user credentials when used with JumpCloud due to a conflict with the libpam API.
  • Resolved an issue where applications were requesting NULL authorization requests which caused Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac to display two dialogs when only one should be shown in System Settings.
  • Resolved an issue with the LucidLink application not launching with Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac installed and valid policy in place.
  • Resolved an issue when our component cannot correctly take control of the authorization database because of a custom password policy with a maximum password limit of 16.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to run locate.updatedb on macOS Ventura 13.3.1.

Known Issues:

Using Run with Privilege Management for the Console.app in macOS will not work. This is due to changes with macOS which we’ve raised with Apple with a Feedback assistant ticket FB9739423. We are investigating potential solutions.


  • Endpoint Privilege Management Policy Editor 23.9
  • Endpoint Privilege Management ePO Extension 22.7
  • Endpoint Privilege Management Console Adapter 23.9
  • BeyondInsight/Password Safe 23.2
  • Trellix Agent 5.7

If you have a business requirement to downgrade the Mac client, please first uninstall the currently installed version.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • macOS 14 Sonoma
  • macOS 13 Ventura
  • macOS 12 Monterey

For more information about compatibility, please see Privilege Management for Windows and Mac: Supported Versions and Operating System Compatibility.