Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud 23.2 Release Notes

March 30, 2023

New Features and Enhancements:

Policy Editor

  • Added the ability to configure what is presented on endpoints, based on the language set on their machine.
  • Added the ability to configure reporting events and log file options for Windows Workstyles.

Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting

  • Added the ability to report on events triggered using the Keep Privileges - Enhanced token via the Events All and Process Detail reports in Analytics v1.

PM Cloud

  • Analytics v2. Added the Event Detail view, which allows the user to see a detail screen for all process events.
  • Analytics v2. Added functionality to allow the user to narrow their search as they type a minimum of three characters in the search filter bar of the Events grid.
  • Added an Activity section to the Configuration Settings page to show the audit trail for system configuration settings.
  • Added connection statuses to help users monitor PM Cloud connection issues (Connected and Disconnected). A computer status summary has also been added to the Home page.
  • Disabled fields on the settings pages for users who have read-only permissions.
  • Enhanced the computers list to allow users to filter out computers with duplicate host names.
  • Added functionality to allow the user to see the process hierarchy for an event and the corresponding event details.
  • Added a check so users can bypass the login page if they access a PM Cloud link after they have already logged in.

Issues Resolved:

Policy Editor

  • Updated the Workstyle Account filter to allow account names containing a dot (for example, joe.bloggs) to be added.
  • Updated styling and positioning of Discard Changes and Continue Editing buttons for consistency.
  • Updated the default set with placeholder text reading Select an Application Group when editing an application.
  • Added a save indicator when a user clicks Save and Unlock when saving a policy.
  • Updated Password Safe integration settings to ignore validation errors once the Activation Settings are disabled.

Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting

  • Updated date and time format to be reflective of a user’s preference in event data.
  • Enhanced host list to show the full host name regardless of the host name length.

Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud

  • Resolved an issue with the EULA not showing up on user creation and sign-in.
  • Analytics v2. Prevented any events with dates in the future from displaying in the Events grid.
  • Updated the System Directory and System Drive values to display in the correct fields on computer details.
  • Analytics v2. Enhanced the Events grid so that column widths are retained when the user leaves the grid and returns.

PM Cloud Windows Adapter

  • Reduced the number of ReceiveStatusInfo commands that are submitted to the command processor.


  • PM Reporting: 23.1.67
  • Web Policy Editor: 23.2.136
  • PM Reporting UI: 23.2.227
  • Event Collector: 23.2.22
  • PM Cloud: 23.2.514


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 (required to use PM Windows adapter)

For more information about Windows or macOS requirements, please see the Privilege Management Release Notes.




Do not install a new adapter version before you are running a version of Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud that supports it. Installing an unsupported adapter can result in endpoints that no longer connect. You will be notified before your instance of Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud is upgraded.

Supported Versions

  • PM Windows Adapter: 23.2.506 (Recommended), 23.1.942, 22.9.386.0, 22.8.396, 22.7.271, 22.6.273, 22.5.144, 22.4.227, 22.3.310, 22.2.584
  • PM MMC snap-in: Recommended: | | 22.9.243 | | | | | 22.1.95 | 21.7.152 | 21.5.106 | | 21.3.135 | 21.2.98 | 21.1.133
  • PM for Windows: Recommended: | 22.9.268 | 22.9.243 | | | | | 22.1.95 | 21.7.152 | 21.5.106 | | 21.3.135 | 21.2.98
  • PM for macOS: Recommended: | | | |
  • PM macOS Adapter: Recommended:, | |
  • PM Rapid Deployment Tool for macOS: Recommended:,,,,,,,
  • PM Response Generator for Windows: Recommended: | | | | | | | 22.1.95
  • PM Response Generator for macOS: Recommended: | | | | |

Supported, but Deprecated, Versions

These versions are compatible with PM Cloud, but best avoided. Support for deprecated versions will be removed in the future.

  • PM Windows Adapter: 21.3.392 | 21.4.448 | 21.5.331 | 21.6.339 | 21.7.634 | 21.8.760 | 22.2.584 | 22.3.310
  • PM macOS Adapter: | | | | |