Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud 21.8.769 Release Notes

January 11, 2022

New Features and Enhancements:

  • This release addresses an issue with adapter compatibility.


  • PM Reporting: 21.2.79
  • Web Policy Editor: 21.8.266
  • BeyondTrust Event Collector: 21.6.43



Do not install a new adapter version before you are running a version of PM Cloud that supports it. Installing an unsupported adapter can result in endpoints that no longer connect. You will be notified before your instance of PM Cloud is upgraded.


If using the ServiceNow User Request Management (URM) feature, your instance of PM Cloud and all adapters must be updated to 21.8 or above before updating your endpoint agents to version 21.7.Using the newer agent with earlier versions of PM Cloud will cause request messages to become stuck in the Pending state.

Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows 21.7 and Endpoint Privilege Management Cloud 21.8 have enhanced the URM feature to be more user-friendly. Pending user request checks now happen whenever the requested application is run.

This affects only the PM Cloud and ServiceNow User Request Management (URM) feature specifically. If you are not using this feature, please disregard this warning.

  • PM MMC snap-in: 21.7.152 (Recommended), 21.6.153
  • PM for Windows: 21.7.152 (Recommended), 21.6.153
  • PM Windows adapter: 21.8.760 (Recommended), 21.7.622, 2.4.44585
  • PM for macOS: (Recommended),
  • PM macOS adapter: (Recommended),, 2.4.74915.0
  • PM Rapid Deployment Tool for macOS: (Recommended),


  • PM Cloud 21.8 supports upgrades from 21.7.622.