BeyondInsight for Unix and Linux 9.3.0 Release Notes

August 4, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

Access Control

  • Created policy repository, storage, and retrieval objects.
  • Created policy middleware for entitlement evaluation.
  • Added roles to endpoint mappings for middleware.
  • Added role management to users via new user details section.
  • Roles for users are now displayed in Console Access grid.
  • Added new roles management UX for groups and users, available via Settings > Roles.
  • Updated application to remove elements currently authenticated user is not entitled to. Links updated to reflect missing permissions. Direct URL access performs middleware check and routes to new unauthorized page.
  • Added Roles filter to Users grid.
  • Split Console Access screen into two sub-sections: Users and Groups.
  • Added role entitlements to group objects.
  • Updated first account creation logic to grant sysadmin role.
  • Created Group grid and filtering, as well as Role display.
  • Added group role membership to group details to display users in groups.
  • Group role management added to group details section.

Software Uploads

  • Added feature toggling to enable or disable application features.
  • Updated the Settings > Software page to enable uploads of zip and iso files for installers for BIUL to push. Packages are automatically unpacked upon completion. Upload progress bars and resume included.
  • Software upload feature disabled for UVM builds in order to not conflict with BT Updater usage.

Installation Templates

  • Added installation template editor, available via Settings > Software in the PMUL product row. Includes create, edit, delete, and clone options.
  • Added default installation templates for backwards compatibility.
  • Added read-only options for templates and applied to defaults.
  • Added methods to serialize installation templates to run-time installation flags for product.

Host Tagging

  • Added host tag editor to Host Details, which allows for complete management of tag inventory and assignment to hosts.
  • Added filtering for tags on Host lists.
  • Added ability to display tags for hosts in Hosts lists.

Host Inventory and Action Redesign

  • Added Host Inventory section to the UX. This is an updated replacement for Host Management, focused on management of hosts in the system.
  • Discovery has been moved into the Inventory section.
  • Created a new wizard UX.
  • Implemented a new Action wizard, which is available via new bulk actions menu or via the Inventory grid row menu.
  • Ported sudo actions to the wizard.
  • Ported AD Bridge actions to the wizard.
  • Ported Profile action to the wizard.
  • Ported Solr actions to the wizard.
  • Ported PMUL actions to the wizard.
  • Extended jobs API to support progress display.
  • Added action finalized to display progress of selected action.


  • Added confirmation to logout button.
  • Added Check All option to inventory grid.
  • Added user details and editing sub-section.
  • SSH port is now configurable in Host Details.
  • Added grid row menu.
  • Updated switches to display current state as label.
  • Added profile script for machines that do not have profile binary available.
  • Added automatic migration of database schema.
  • Policy and log server for PMUL are now editable via Host Details > PMUL settings. Multiple log and policy servers can be configured.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which profile attempted to remove temp files twice.
  • Resolved issue in which profile failed if pb.db was removed.
  • Resolved issue with firstrun during installation on UVM.
  • Resolved issue with restrictive settings for allowable characters in usernames.
  • Resolved issue with sub-domain authentication via Active Directory.