Secure Remote Access Integration Middleware Engine 2.4.2 Release Notes

November 3, 2022

Key Features:

  • Updated third-party dependencies to current versions.

Autotask Plugin

  • Added support for accepting the user-facing ticket number in external key field.
  • Added configuration setting to control auto-ticket creation based on session type (attended versus unattended).
  • Enhanced time entry creation to allow breakdown per rep with accurate times (previously supported primary rep only and used full session length for time).
  • Enhanced customer lookup for auto-ticket creation to be more robust but also more configurable.
  • Enhanced population of title and description on auto-created tickets to allow for dynamically pulling values from issue submission form.
  • Addressed various issues with field mappings that could prevent successful auto-ticket creation.
  • Addressed an issue with time entry creation in which start time could be off based on the time zone offset.

Issues Resolved:

Middleware Engine

  • Addressed an issue that could prevent successful deserialization of polling events.
  • Addressed an issue in which data loss could occur around what is received from an outbound event. Some integrations rely on this data for certain functions and were unable to perform those functions without it.
  • Addressed an issue in which the outbound event timestamps were not being handled properly.
  • Addressed an issue in which some sessions could cause an error to occur when attempting to build the text report from the Handlebars template.


  • Supports upgrades from any prior release.


Middleware Engine Standalone Package SHA256 Sum a6e1eed57dff0f595f87438a9e40d815879124519528ddb0ecc2379b466e6281
Middleware Engine + Plugin Package SHA256 Sum b2952719d0ce4427fada184cc1142a2e078b0691d90988c69f994d9ea9f16870 d0d67d821646e1429ec6cd78432723d6dcf84711c594cff4341753dbd10afe40 9e5cd0f408516d1057965605573bd1893e08790abf3529b31c95329a2ea9c893 c15aa5514cbd974efbf1943fb6c69c2dd2a6ab7d7cf36faa0390a65de3a56074 512a107779e6d45fef9386cb4334f0440c48889a74546dd2b9edffba09aeb577 e63585ed270635489436bde927e710ba6fa1e47bbfad65875b07ffd6daf28c87 6ab25976bdd1e9a74d1e9a325b0ff437c0018b46ca988f8dd98960a84dd66790 170d6a59791223b45ec57185c2988f839d98ad0b8229dcbf692ca8c839a4fc3d f7b05b0bec3f93e1ae82cb4d03199146221b6c53bb224c8eacf48522ccf8df45 5c4c92efe509a6d4697eca4e327a50d4aebf0bb7c38b35810866040de9c95d11 9bff766b64acff81d520f70e413d6b4d4b0cb25aef805a03f7e8cfb1787bd1e9 f8c9061637c79ed68da330ad879a86a3e03d84437af286093027c3e19b2a10de