Password Safe Integration for ServiceNow 23.1.3 Release Notes

June 27, 2023


  • This BeyondTrust Password Safe Integration for ServiceNow 23.1.3 has been certified for production release.
  • Requires Password Safe 22.2 or later.

For more information, please see Supported Platforms.

Key Features:

This new integration allows a ServiceNow user with access to privileged accounts managed by BeyondTrust Password Safe to access those accounts from the context of an approved change management ticket.  The initial release of the integration supports:

  • Security / criteria checks before any access is allowed (e.g., no impersonation, approved ticket, ticket assigned to the current user, etc.).
  • The ability to initiate an RDP or SSH session directly from ServiceNow and utilize approved access to a managed account.
  • The ability to retrieve the password for a managed account to allow access via other external tools or methods.
  • The ability to target specific task types such as Incident, Change Request, Problem, etc.
  • The use of a MID server for access to Password Safe environments that may not be publicly accessible.
  • Workflows that are supported in both classic and workspace views.


  • This version of the Password Safe ServiceNow integration has passed technical and marketing reviews as part of the ServiceNow certification process.
  • This integration supports upgrades from any prior release.
  • Published to the ServiceNow Store listed as BeyondTrust Password Safe Integration.
  • Certified against ServiceNow San Diego, Tokyo, and Utah releases.
  • Certified for GA.