Privileged Remote Access SIEM Tool Plugin 2.4.1 Release Notes

July 19, 2022

Issues Resolved:

  • Addressed an issue in which certain custom template functions were failing due to recent changes in the Handlebars.NET dependency.
  • Addressed several instances within the Splunk components in which deprecated functions and approaches were being used.  Validated all updates against Splunk’s AppInspect tool.


  • Supports upgrades from any prior release.
  • Includes an installer for the latest compatible version of the Integration Middleware Engine, the appropriate SIEM Tool plugin, links to published documentation, and ancillary components (Splunk-specific packages only).


Middleware Engine + Plugin Package SHA256 Sum bc551be030e7abf55ba17c66c24c1aa19cee57e7881b7f6cf6335b9a1a1fbd38 fed1461e1df53ad3ac1b100a04bff915a952a41794b6b7d06ab1249f9671ca9b