Privileged Remote Access Integration for ServiceNow 23.1.4 Release Notes

May 23, 2023


  • This BeyondTrust PRA Integration for ServiceNow 23.1.4 has been certified for production release.
  • Requires Privileged Remote Access v18.x or later.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Expanded support for additional ticket types (any task type).
  • Workflow approval no longer requires choosing a single ticket type.
  • Three new roles added to allow more granular control of app configuration, Jump To usage, and the ability to view PRA Session records in ServiceNow.
  • The older user role has been deprecated, but it remains functional for now.
  • Sessions initiated from Jump To UI macros and via workflow approval now have the associated ticket number populated in the session's external key.


  • This version of the Privileged Remote Access ServiceNow integration has passed technical and marketing reviews as part of the ServiceNow certification process.
  • This integration supports upgrades from any prior release.
  • Published to the ServiceNow Store.
  • Certified against ServiceNow San Diego, Tokyo, and Utah releases.