Identity Security Insights 23.12 Release Notes

December 5, 2023

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Additional views have been added to the Detections and Recommendations pages.
    • The new grouped view lists detections and recommendations by summary, allowing you to view all associated accounts, entities, or instances for any given item. The ungrouped view provides a list of all detections and recommendations, and is sortable by source, account, status, and more.
  • Azure Service Principals are now viewable in the Accounts summary page. The new Type column allows you to sort by User or Service Principal accounts.
  • Additional Account attributes have been added to the Account Details page, making it easier to identify and determine the type and nature of an account. The provided attributes and metadata vary based on the type and source of accounts.
  • The option to use a local environment script to install the Microsoft Azure connector has been added. The steps required to use the local shell script are provided when creating a new Azure connector, and the steps for using the Azure Cloud Shell script have been updated to improve use.
  • Columns on the Entitlement details grid can now be added or removed by clicking the vertical ellipsis beside any column. Any display customizations are automatically saved, and changes can be reset at any time.
  • The Okta connector now uses a Client ID and PEM key for authentication.
    • This authentication method provides enhanced security, and allows Insights to retrieve role information from your Otka instance.
    • Existing Okta connectors can be transitioned to the Client ID and PEM through the connector's Settings page.

Known Issues: