Resource Kit 24.1 Release Notes

April 11, 2024


Requires BeyondTrust Password Safe version 24.1.0 or later release.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated Enhanced Session Utility:
    • Added Kiosk mode support in PS_Automate. Additionally, several keyboard shortcuts (i.e: open new window, open browser task manager) are now blocked.
    • Updated 3rd party library dependencies.
    • Checksums:
      • pbpsmon-24.1.14.msi SHA256: 0605cb29eb10b0d22a41f09876d7d4eb8819e293fa8f9512d32a9e57b105bf59
      • pbpsmon-24.1.14.exe SHA256: 36724ecf0b62fa1960563d41b3bae0bfa0a044022aa25fbb4dc671c10284d2e4
  • Updated registry helper for MobaXterm to reflect new default installation path.
  • Updated Password Safe Secrets Cache:
    • Updated 3rd party library dependencies.
    • Now performs a full refresh of all secrets every 6th refresh (as opposed to only secrets modified since last refresh). This setting is configurable.
    • Checksums:
      • PSCache-24.1.14-x64.exe SHA256: 38dd28e54b9c6ca96451a66bd27514268151dc015c89a122a9fb1cbda3a566be
      • beyondtrust-secrets-cache-24.1.14-1.el9.x86_64.rpm SHA256: b8a1efc61edb4efd3b9d7f8bb9f8052bfe525f331189bbf802f3b3427f985370
      • beyondtrust-secrets-cache-24.1.14-1.el8.x86_64.rpm SHA256: 5fe3b8a04ea30ede5a51146bddb514acc2acde4b1c264e1dbdf14b969a382f3f
  • Updated Platform SDK to support Password Safe 24.1.

New versions of the Password Safe Cache are available for RHEL 8 and 9. There are no new versions for RHEL 7. The last supported version for RHEL 7 is 23.1.24.