AD Bridge 10.1.2 Release Notes

December 10, 2020

Issues Resolved:

  • The local provider was removed in v10.1.0 to allow for new changes. The option has returned in v10.1.2 to use with the Active Directory provider.
  • Resolved issue with sequential ID suggestion in which clicking the Suggest button for Groups would generate IDs based on User ID range.
  • Resolved multiple issues with domainjoin --testprefix parameter.
  • Resolved memmove issue which caused LSASS to corrupt the memcache and possibly cause a core dump.
  • Replaced Log4net logging framework with Nlog.
  • Resolved issue in which Homedir umask could not give group write access. Updated AD Bridge umask from 022 to 002 to prevent unauthorized write access.
  • Renamed BlacklistDC to BlocklistDC. This impacts the config command:
    /opt/pbis/bin/config --details blocklist 
    Name: BlocklistDC
    Description: List of blocked domain controller IP addresses
    Type: multistring
    Current Values:
    Current Value is determined by local policy.


  • This is the last release to support RHEL 5, 6 on zOS/s390.
  • This is the last release to include the Extension installer (ADBridgeExtensions64- as a 1-click solution to an old upgrade bug.