AD Bridge 10.1.1 Release Notes

October 20, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Add to group now has an option to state a computer object to be added to the group using the format:
    adtool -a add-to-group -computer #### --to-group ####

Issues Resolved:

  • Added guard clauses to memory cache trimming.
  • Resolved an arithmetic error that occurred when sending events to BI reporting database and SQL server database.
  • The global catalog now fails over with the domain controller, addressing issues with site failover.
  • Upgraded remaining 32bit functionality of the Windows installer to 64bit.
  • Resolved issue in which ADB did not assign evaluation licenses from the license container.
  • Resolved issue in which adtool search-users could not find users who were part of a default cell.
  • Resolved issue causing failure to enumerate users and to read from stdin.
  • Resolved issue in which sshd events were not logged on Ubuntu platforms.
  • now prompts for uninstall method.
  • Resolved issue that affected Solaris 11.4, in which adding new users with the adtool caused a core dump.