AD Bridge 10.1.0 Release Notes

August 4, 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Parent Level Licensing
    • Issuing a domainjoin-cli leave command now removes the license from parent container.
    • The setkey-cli command now acts on licenses obtained from parent container.
    • Added support to the agent to find licenses from the parent domain.
  • Installer Rebrand
    • Rebranded the Windows installers.
    • Rebranded the SFX installers.
  • Solaris Installers
    • AD Bridge now includes both 32- and 64-bit installers for Solaris.
  • Additional Platform Support
    • Corrected the SLES 15 machine account object to have the correct operating system attribute.
    • Increased the Solaris file descriptor limit to 65535.
  • Pointer Record Update
    • Added the option to update DNS for the pointer record (PTR) only. If the forward lookup zone does not exist, we now proceed to update the reverse lookup zone.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved issue in which MachinePasswordLifespan values were not consistent.
  • Resolved issue during automount in which a & symbol in a policy name prevented the display of a GPO report.
  • Resolved issue in which AD Bridge could not find an object if it was 8 or more OUs deep.
  • Resolved issue in which AD accounts with expired passwords got stuck in loop.
  • Resolved issue in which host access groups assumed no valid groups when not all groups were readable.
  • Resolved issue in which a libnsl check was failing on CentOS 8.1 when installing AD Bridge.
  • Resolved issue in which a duplicate scanner did not load on Server 2016 after upgrade.
  • Resolved issue in which regshell reported incorrect search string when no match was found.
  • Resolved issue in which a segmentation fault occured when pkinit_identities was invoked when not needed.
  • Resolved issue in which winbind experienced a fatal error on Solaris 11 64-bit systems.
  • Resolved issue in which synchronous LDAP binds did not time out.
  • Resolved issue in which PMUL config policy report was not loading.
  • Resolved issue in which cell default value is not respected under the User tab.
  • Resolved issue in which an authentication exception error was found when trying to remove a user from a group.
  • Resolved issue in which provisioning a group through ADUC find causes error.

Known Issues:

  • Evaluation deployments revert the assigned evaluation license to the local 30 day evaluation license. An install of 10.1 will not issue evaluation licenses from the container. We expect a resolution for this in the next ADB release. Until then, we recommend not upgrading v10.1 evaluation deployments.


  • We no longer provide 32-bit versions of the deb and rpm installers‚Äč.
  • We are not shipping the ADB database utilities installer for this release. If configuring a reporting and auditing environment, continue to use the 10.0.0 database utilities installer.
  • HPUX Installer is not included in this release. A new 64-bit installer will be included in a future release.
  • ADUC and BMC logs have been moved into the PBIS.logs directory.