Check Out Credentials from the BeyondTrust PRA /login Interface

If you need to retrieve passwords for use outside of a BeyondTrust access session, you can manually check out a password from the /login interface.

Screenshot of the /login header navigation highlighting Vault > Accounts.

  1. Go to Vault > Accounts.
  2. Screenshot of the Check Out option for a Generic Account.

  3. Locate the account you wish to check out.
  4. Click Check Out.
  5. Screenshot of the Account Password dialog

  6. The Account Password dialog appears, and you can see the password in plain text for one minute. During that time, you can copy the password by clicking the Copy icon.


Check In

Screenshot of the Check In Option for a Credential.

When you are finished using a credential, return to the Accounts page and click Check In to check the password back into BeyondTrust Vault.

If you check in a domain credential with automatic rotation configured, the password automatically rotates.

Non-administrative users can view and modify only credentials for which they have access.

For more information, please see Discover Domains, Accounts, and Endpoints.