Vendor Groups

Users & Security


Create vendor groups to allow third-party users controlled access to systems. This may be needed to provide support, maintenance, or any other task that requires access system. You can configure up to 15 vendor groups.

Add New Vendor Group


Enter a name for this vendor group.

Authorization Settings

Group Policy

The selected group policy defines the permissions, memberships, and other settings to all users authenticating with this vendor. These settings cannot be changed on a per-user basis. Select a policy from those available, or go to Users and Security > Group Policies to create a new one.

Group Policies that grant administrative permissions are not available for vendors.

Account Expires After

Set the number of days after which the account will be deactivated.

Notify the PRA Admin when a User is Added to this Vendor Group

If this box is checked, an email is sent to the PRA admin each time a new user is added to the group. You can require PRA admin approval for new members. If admin approval is required, a message displays next to the new member's name in the group member's list, indicating that the user Needs Approval.

PRA Administrator

Click the search field to select an admin. All vendor groups must have at least one admin. Vendor admins cannot add other vendor admins.

Network Restrictions

Network Address Whitelist

Enter network address prefixes, one per line, in the formats shown in the examples. Netmasks are optional, and they can be given in either dotted-decimal or integer bitmask format. Entries that omit a netmask are assumed to be single IP addresses.