User Accounts for Password Reset: Allow Users to Set Passwords

Users & Security


User Accounts

Administrators can delegate, via user permission, the task of resetting local users' passwords and locked user accounts to privileged users, without also granting full administrator permissions. Local users may continue to reset their own passwords.

Administrators with the Allowed to Set Passwords permission will see no difference in the user interface.

When a privileged non-administrative user navigates to the Users & Security > Users page in the administrative /login interface, they will see a limited-view User Accounts screen containing Change Password buttons for non-administrative users. The privileged user will not be able to edit or delete user accounts. Privileged users are not allowed to reset administrator passwords, nor the passwords of security provider users.

Search Users

Search for a specific user account based on username, display name, or email address.

Reset Failed Login Attempts and Unlock Account

If a user has one or more failed login attempts, click the Reset button for their user account to reset the number back to zero.

If a user becomes locked due to too many failed consecutive login attempts, click the Unlock Account button for their user account to reset the number back to zero and unlock their account.

Change Password

Change the password for a non-administrative user.

Change Password


Unique identifier used to log in.This field is not editable.

Display Names

User's name as shown in team chats, in reports, etc.This field is not editable.

Email Address

The email address to which email notifications are sent, such as password resets or extended availability mode alerts. This field is not editable.


Comments about the account. This field is not editable.


The new password to assign to this user account. The password may be set to whatever you choose, as long as the string complies with the defined policy set on the /login > Management > Security page.

Email Password Reset Link to User

Send an email to the user containing a link to reset the password for their account. This feature requires a valid SMTP configuration for your B Series Appliance, set up on the /login > Management > Email Configuration page.

Must Reset Password at Next Login

If this option is selected, then the user must reset their password at next login.