Software: Download a Backup, Upgrade Software



Backup Settings

It is an important disaster recovery best practice to save a backup copy of your software settings regularly. BeyondTrust recommends backing up your B Series Appliance configuration each time you change its settings. In the event of a hardware failure, a backup file will speed time-to-recovery and, if necessary, allow BeyondTrust to provide you access to temporary hosted services while retaining the settings from your most recent backup.

Backup Password

To password protect your software backup file, create a password. If you do choose to set a password, you will be unable to revert to the backup without providing the password.

Include logged history reporting data

If this option is checked, your backup file will include session logs. If unchecked, session reporting data will be excluded from the backup.

Download Backup

Save a secure copy of your software configuration. Save this file in a secure location.

Backup Vault Encryption Key

The Vault encryption key is used to encrypt and decrypt all the Vault credentials stored on the B Series Appliance. If you are ever required to restore configuration data from a backup onto a new B Series Appliance, you must also restore the Vault encryption key from a backup to be able to use the encrypted Vault credentials contained in the configuration backup.

Restore Settings

Configuration and Vault Encryption Key Backup File

Should you need to revert to a backup, browse to the latest backup file that you saved.

Configuration and Vault Encryption Key Backup Password

If you created a password for your backup file, enter it here.

Upload Backup

Upload the backup file to your B Series Appliance and restore your site's settings to those saved on the backup.

For more information, please see Back Up Procedures.

Upload Update

Select a software update file to manually upload new software packages from BeyondTrust. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to upload the software package. The Uploaded Update section displays additional information to verify your uploaded package. Click Install if you wish to complete the installation process, or Delete Update if you wish to clear the update staging area. If your update package only contains additional licenses, you can install the update without restarting the B Series Appliance. After confirmation that you wish to install, the page will display a progress bar to notify you of the overall installation progress. Updates made here will automatically update all sites and licenses on your B Series Appliance.

Your B Series Appliance administrator can also use the Check for Updates feature of the B Series Appliance interface to automatically search for and install new software packages.