Jump Item: Report on Jump Item Activity


Jump Item

Administrators and privileged users can generate broad, comprehensive reports and also apply specific filtering to customize reported information based on clear-cut needs. All Jump Item events are logged. By default, logs are saved for 90 days, although this limit can be modified in Days to Keep Jump Item Logging Information in Management > Security > Miscellaneous.

Make sure the View Reports permission is enabled in Jump > Jump Item Roles > Permissions. This option is enabled by default for all built-in administrators (the first admin account created on new site installs).

A new Jump Item Role called Auditor is automatically created on new site installations. On existing installations it has to be created. This role only has a single View Reports permission enabled, giving admins the option to grant a user just the permission to run Jump Item reports, without the need to grant any other permission.

Users can view the following events related to Jump Items on Jump Groups (Personal or Shared):

  • Jump Item Created
  • Jump Item Deleted
  • Jump Item Copied From
  • Jump Item Copied To
  • Jump Item Moved From
  • Jump Item Moved To
  • Jump Item Session Started

The following information is included as part of the event:

  • The time at which the event occurred.
  • If the event was initiated by a user, the user's identifying information is associated to that event. This could be a user, API account, or system information. The data in this column is shown as a hyperlink for User and API Account generated events. When clicked, it links to that User or API Account edit page, assuming that the user or API account has appropriate permission to view the report.
  • The event type.
  • Jump Item Type, which is one of the supported Jump Item types, for example, Jump Client, Remote Jump, Remote RDP, etc.
  • Name of the Jump Item. The data in this column is shown as a hyperlink. When clicked, the reporting view changes to show the events belonging to only that specific Jump Item. The title of the page also changes to All Jump Item Events for: <Jump Item Name>.
  • Name of the Jump Group. This is the source Jump Group for Jump Item Copied From and Jump Item Moved From events, and destination Jump Group for Jump Item Copied To andJump Item Moved To events.
  • Any additional data that is specific to the logged event. This field can be used to store the destination Jump Group for the events related to Jump Items Copy and Move.

Reporting data is included in backups.

For more information, please see Days to Keep Jump Item Logging Information.


You can find Jump Item events that match the following filters. You may use multiple filters, but only Jump Item events matching all the filters you enable are retrieved.

Date Range

Select a start date for which to pull reporting data. Then select either the number of days for which to pull your report or an end date.

Jump Group

Filter sessions by Jump Items belonging to a certain Jump Group. If selected, the following options are available:

  • Find all sessions started from Jump Items belonging to a specific Jump Group.
  • Find all sessions started from personal Jump Items for a specific user.
  • Find all sessions in your personal Jump Group.

Jump Item

Click on the search field to find all events involving a specific Jump Item.

Performed by

Click on the search field to find all events involving a specific user, API account, or the system.

Click Show Report when done.