Languages: Manage Installed Languages




BeyondTrust currently supports English, German, Latin American Spanish, EU Spanish, Finnish, EU French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, EU Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Russian. BeyondTrust supports international character sets.

Because of translation scheduling, language packs trail slightly behind the English release of any new software version. Also note that for some features localization is limited to 1-byte characters. The use of 2-byte characters (certain language packs) may change expected behavior of some features. The BeyondTrust Jumpoint Configuration interface is not available in translation at this time.


If more than one language package is installed, check the box for each language you want to enable. Checking the option makes that language available from the dropdown in the administrative interface and the access console.

Default Language

If more than one language package is installed, select a language to be displayed by default. Click Update Languages to save changes.

Installing Language Packs

Language packs must be installed and enabled by the BeyondTrust admin. BeyondTrust Support can build language packs into software updates when requested to do so by customers. Before requesting language packs, check to make sure that they are not already installed and that the active release version supports them. To check for languages and get the necessary update(s), follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the BeyondTrust /login web interface as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to the Localization tab and check for the necessary languages.
  3. If the languages are listed, check the box for the ones you want to install.
  4. If the languages are not listed, contact Support to have a new update built for them.
  5. Install any necessary updates and test to see if the desired language(s) appear in BeyondTrust.

Representatives can select the necessary language at the login screen. Admins and reps can select their languages from the dropdown menu in /login and /appliance.

It is possible to use a language in a session chat that is not supported by BeyondTrust but is supported by GeoFluent. Please refer to the section on optional parameters in the API Guide for more information.