Endpoints: View and Manage Discovered Systems




View information about all discovered endpoints, such as the name, hostname, operating system, domain, and distinguished name of the system, as well as information about the accounts and Jump Items associated with those systems.

Search Endpoints

Search for a specific endpoint or a group of endpoints based on Name, Hostname, Description, or Domain Name.

Select Visible Columns

Click the Select Visible Columns button (columns icon) above the Endpoints grid and select the columns to display in the grid.


View the number of accounts associated with each endpoint. Click the Accounts link to view the accounts associated with the system.

Jump Items

View the number of Jump Items associated with each endpoint. Click the Jump Items link to view the Jump Items associated with the system.

You can add new or existing RDP Jump shortcuts. While viewing Jump Items, click Add and select Add Remote RDP Jump Shortcut or Associate Existing RDP Jump Shortcuts.


View the number of Windows services associated with each endpoint. Click the Services link to view the services associated with the system.


Modify the endpoint's information, specifically Name, Description, and Hostname.

If Windows services were discovered and imported into the Vault, any service used by the endpoint is listed and the user account that runs the service is indicated.


Delete the endpoint from the Endpoints list.