Use the Privileged Web Console to Transfer Files to and from Remote Systems

During a session, privileged users can transfer, delete, or rename files and even entire directories both to and from the remote computer, the remote device, and the device's SD card. You do not have to have full control of the remote computer in order to transfer files.

Depending upon the permissions your administrator has set for your account, you may be only allowed to upload files to the remote system or to download files to your local computer. File system access may also be restricted to certain paths on the remote or local system, thereby restricting uploads and downloads to specific directories. Transfer files by using the upload and download buttons. Review transfer and deletion progress by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Download, rename, or delete files by clicking on the More Options icon.

File Transfer dropdown

To start transferring files to a system, click on left hand dropdown and select File Transfer.

Select a place to start browsing from the Volumes column. The breadcrumbs at the top show your current location. Double click on a folder to open it.

File Transfer

File Transfer Tools

Start File Transfer Mode

Stop File Transfer Mode

Start or stop access to the remote device's file system.


Go Up A Directory

Go up a directory in the selected file system.


Refreh the List

Refresh your view of the selected file system.


Create a Directory

Create a new directory.


File Upload

Upload a file to a directory.


Download Selected Files

Download selected files from a directory.


Delete Selected Files

Delete selected files from a directory.


More Options

Download, rename, or delete a directory or file.

When deleting a file or folder, it is permanently deleted. It is not sent to the recycle bin.