Deploy Privileged Identity

Privileged Identity can be deployed centrally to manage one or more domains, whether trusted or untrusted. It also adds management capabilities to DMZ systems or offline machines across multiple platforms. The goal of management, in the context of Privileged Identity, is to:

  • Gain control of privileged credentials and sessions
  • Remove permanent administrative access
  • Audit when access is granted, and to whom
  • Audit what a user does with that access

Privileged Identity can perform thousands of management operations per minute from a single node, making it one of the fastest management platforms available, and ideal for incident response. By placing Privileged Identity at the center of your network, it can integrate with identity and access management products, governance products, security assessment products, and orchestration products, helping to provide automated incident response.

This guide describes some of the key concepts when deploying Privileged Identity, including database, zone processors, high availability, and more.