Install the Streaming Media Software on the Session Recording Media Server


If you are not installing and using the session recording software, skip this step.

The streaming media services broadcast recorded sessions from the streaming host to the client's browser and video player.

The installation of IIS media services requires a basic installation of IIS to be available on the same host server.

  1. To begin installing the media software, open the SupplementalInstallers sub-folder from the installation directory, %ProgramFiles (x86)\Lieberman\Roulette.
  2. Copy IISMedia64.msi to the machine functioning as the streaming video server, and launch the installer.
  3. IIS Media Services Setup

  4. Click Next on the Welcome page.


End-User License Agreement

  1. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next.


Custom Setup

  1. Leave the default options selected. Click Next.


Ready to Install IIS Media Services

  1. Click Install.


Setup Complete

  1. Click Finish.