Insert Registry Settings

  1. Select the Application Group you want to add the application to.
  2. In the right pane, select Actions > Add Application > Registry Settings.
  3. We recommend that you add a Description so that you can identify the registry settings in the Application Group table. The Description is not used as matching criteria for the application definition.
  4. You need to configure the matching criteria for the registry setting. You can configure:
    • File or Folder Name matches
    • Command Line matches
    • Drive matches
    • File Hash (SHA-1 Fingerprint) matches
    • Trusted Ownership matches
    • Application Requires Elevation (UAC)
    • Parent Process matches
    • Source URL matches
    • BeyondTrust Zone Identifier exists
  5. You need to configure the Advanced Options for the application. You can configure:
    • Allow child processes will match this application definition
    • Force standard user rights on File Open/Save common dialogs
  6. Click OK. The application is added to the Application Group.
For more information, please see the following: