Privilege Management for Windows Licenses

Privilege Management for Windows requires a valid license code to be entered in the Privilege Management ePO Extension. If multiple Privilege Management policies are applied to an endpoint, you need at least one valid license code for one of those policies.

For example, you could add the Privilege Management license to a Privilege Management policy that is applied to all ePO-managed endpoints, even if it doesn't have any Workstyles. This ensures that all endpoints receive a valid Privilege Management license if they have Privilege Management installed. If you are unsure, then we recommend that you add a valid license when you create the Privilege Management policy.

Add a License Key in ePO Policy Orchestrator

  1. Log in to ePO Policy Orchestrator and click on Policy Catalog.
  2. Click the Privilege Management for Windows policy you want to add a license to and click Licenses.

Select the policy to add a license to and click Licenses. Enter the license key and click Add License.

  1. Enter a valid license key for the operating system your endpoints are running into the License Key box in the right and click Add License. If Add License is not available, the license key is not in the correct format.


After you change the policy, click Submit and then Save to save the policy. In ePO 5.10 and later, if you have Trellix Approvals workflow enabled, this workflow can be modified to change the Save button to Submit for Review based on user permissions.

The license is not validated at this stage. If your license key is invalid, you receive event number 10 when the endpoint receives the policy with the license attached.

For a full list of event numbers, please see Events in Privilege Management for Windows.