Endpoint Privilege Management Powershell API Reference Guide

Use the PowerShell API to configure Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows. The API can be used to integrate with external systems and also provides an alternative to using the Endpoint Privilege Management Policy Editor.

All operations available using the Endpoint Privilege Management Policy Editor are also available using the PowerShell API. Use the Get-Help <cmdlet name> command to access syntax help.

The types properties and values are documented in the PowerShell API.chm help file located in the PowerShell directory: C:/Program Files/Avecto/Privilege Guard Client/PowerShell.


To maintain backwards compatibility, the PowerShell cmdlets are not renamed along with the product. Therefore, many of the objects and cmdlets reference the former product name Defendpoint.

The examples in this guide show you how to retrieve, update, and save an existing configuration file.

The typical workflow for using the PowerShellAPI is:

  • Get-DefendpointSettings.
  • Find the relevant section of the config you want to work with.
  • Update, add, or delete the information.
  • Set-DefendpointSettings.


Before running any cmdlets, run the following two commands to initialize the cmdlets:

Import-Module 'C:/Program Files/Avecto/Privilege Guard Client/PowerShell/Avecto.Defendpoint.Cmdlets/Avecto.Defendpoint.Cmdlets.dll'
Import-Module 'C:/Program Files/Avecto/Privilege Guard Client/PowerShell/Avecto.Defendpoint.Cmdlets/Avecto.Defendpoint.Settings.dll'