Insert Executables

  1. Select the Application Group you want to add the application to.
  2. Right-click and select Insert Application > Executable.
  3. You can leave the File or Folder Name field blank to match on all applications of this type, type in a specific name or path manually, or click Browse File, Browse Folder, or Template.
  4. Enter a description, if required. By default, this is the name of the application you're inserting.
  5. You need to configure the matching criteria for the executable. You can configure:
    • File or Folder Name matches
    • Command Line matches
    • Drive matches
    • File Hash (SHA-1 Fingerprint) matches
    • File Hash (SHA-256) matches
    • Product Name matches
    • Publisher matches
    • Product Description matches
    • Product Version matches
    • File Version matches
    • Trusted Ownership matches
    • Application Requires Elevation (UAC)
    • Parent Process matches
    • Source URL matches
    • BeyondTrust Zone Identifier exists
  6. You need to configure the Advanced Options for the application. You can configure:
    • Allow child processes will match this application definition
    • Force standard user rights on File Open/Save common dialogs
  7. ClickOK. The application is added to the Application Group.