This run variable does not apply to pbssh. If it is present in the policy, it does not have any effect on pbssh and is ignored.

String. host is read-only. runhost is modifiable.

submithost is the name of the machine that executed pbrun. host is the value that is passed to pbrun with the –h switch. If a –h switch is not used, then the value of host is taken from submithost. If the value of runhost is not explicitly set in the policy, then its value comes from host.

Setting runhost in the policy has no effect when the task is run in local mode (that is, when pbrun is executed with the -l option, or if the runlocalmode policy variable is set to true).

runhost = string;

A string that contains the fully-qualified name of the run host machine. host is a read-only default value and is the name of the submit host. The default value of runhost is the value of host.

runhost = "tad";