Privilege Management for Unix and Linux pbinstall Installation Menu

The pbinstall script is a comprehensive list of the installation menu options and default prompts. The items displayed vary depending on your system, options selected, and any settings that are found from a current or removed Privilege Management for Unix and Linux installation. The values used here are for demonstration purposes and are not necessarily the defaults or recommended values for a given installation.

The following list shows all the menu options. However, the menu option numbers that you see might differ from this list, depending on your Privilege Management for Unix and Linux flavor.

Opt Description [Value]
1 Install Everything Here (Demo Mode)? [no]
2 Install License Server? [no]
3 Install Registry Name Services Server? [no]
4 Install Client Registration Server? [no]
5 Install Policy Server Host? [yes]
6 Install Run Host? [yes]
7 Install Submit Host? [yes]
8 Install PBSSH? [yes]
9 Install Log Host? [yes]
10 Enable Logfile Tracking and Archiving? [yes]
11 Is this a Log Archiver Storage Server? [no]
12 Is this a Log Archiver Database Server? [no]
13 Install File Integrity Monitoring Polic... [no]
14 Install REST Services? [yes]
15 List of License Servers? [*]
18 Database directory? [/opt/pbul/dbs]
19 Patch to Password Safe 'pkrun binary' []
23 Install Synchronization program? [yes]
24 Install Secure GUI Host? [yes]
25 Install Utilities: pbvi, pbnvi, pbmg, p... [yes]
27 Install pbksh? [yes]
28 Install pbsh? [yes]
29 Install man pages? [no]
30 Will this host use a Log Host? [yes]
31 AD Bridge Integration? [no]
37 Integration with BeyondInsight? [no]
52 Synchronization program can be initiate... [yes]
53 Daemons location [/usr/sbin]
54 Number of reserved spaces for submit pr... [80]
55 Administration programs location [usr/bin]
56 User programs location [usr/local/bin]
59 GUI library directory [usr/local/lib/pbbuilder]
58 Policy include (sub) file directory [/opt/pbul/policies]
59 Policy file name [/opt/pbul/policies/pb.conf]
62 Log Archive Storage Server name []
64 Log Archiver Database Server name []
67 Logfile Name Cache Database file path? [/opt/pbul/dbs/pblogcache.db]
69 REST Service installation directory? [/usr/lib/beyontrust/pb/rest]
70 Install REST API sample code? [no]
72 Pblighttpd user [pblight]
73 Create Pblighttpd user? [yes]
74 Pblighttpd user UID []
75 Pblighttpd user GID []
76 Pblighttpd user group name [newpblight]
78 Configure systemd? [yes]
79 Command line options for pbmasterd [-ar]
80 Policy Server Delay [500]
81 Policy Server Protocol Timeout [-1]
82 pbmasterd diagnostic log [/var/log/pbmasterd.log]
83 Eventlog filename [/var/log/pb.eventlog]
84 Configure eventlog rotation via size? []
85 Configure eventlog rotation path? []
86 Configure eventlog rotation via cron? [no]
87 Validate Submit Host Connections? [no]
88 List of Policy Servers to submit to [kandor]
89 pbrun diagnostic log? [none]
90 pbssh diagnostic log? [none]
91 Allow Local Mode? [yes]
92 Additional secured task checks? [no]
93 Suppress Policy Server host failover er... [yes]
94 List of Policy Servers to accept from [kandor]
95 pblocald diagnostic log [/var/log/pbocald.log]
96 Command line options for pblocald []
97 Syslog pblocald sessions? [no]
98 Record PTY sessions in utmp/utmpx? [yes]
99 Validate Policy Server Host Connections? [no]
100 List of Log Hosts [kandor]
101 Command line options for pblogd []
102 Log Host Delay [500]
103 Log Host Protocol Timeout [-1]
104 pblogd diagnostic log [/var/log/pblogd.log]
105 List of log reserved filesystems [none]
106 Number of free blocks per log system fi... [0]
106 Command line options for pbsyncd []
108 Sync Protocol Timeout [-1]
109 pbsyncd diagnostic log [/var/log/pbsyncd.log]
110 pbsync diagnostic log [/var/log/pbsync.log]
111 pbsync sychronization time interval (in... [15]
112 Add installed shells to /etc/shells [no]
113 pbksh diagnostic file [/var/log/pbksh.log]
114 pbsh diagnostic file [/var/log/pbsh.log]
115 Stand-alone pblocald command [none]
116 Stand-alone root shell default iolog [/pbshell.iolog]
117 Command line options for pbguid []
118 Command line options for secure pbsguid []
119 pbguid and pbsguid diagnostic log [/var/log/pbguid.log]
120 pbguid and pbsguid site configuration file [none]
121 Use syslog? [yes]
122 Syslog facility to use? [LOG_AUTHORITY]
123 Base Daemon port number [24345]
124 pbmasterd port number [24345]
125 pblocald port number [24346]
126 pblogd port number [24347]
127 pbguid port number [24348]
128 Secure pbsguid port number [24349]
129 pbsyncd port number [24350]
130 REST Service port number [24351]
131 Add entries to '/etc/services' [yes]
132 Allow non-reserved port connections [yes]
133 Inbound Port range [1025-65535]
134 Outbound Port range [1025-65535]
137 Network encryption options [aes-256:keyfile=/etc/pb.key]
138 Event log encryption options [none]
139 I/O log encryption options [none]
140 Report encryption options [none]
141 Policy file encryption options [none]
142 Settings file encryption type [none]
143 REST API encryption options [aes-256:keyfile=/etc/]
144 Configure with Kerberos v5? [no]
150 Enforce High Security Encryption? [yes]
151 Use SSL? [yes]
152 SSL Configuration? [requiressl]
153 SSL pbrun Certificate Authority Directory? [none]
154 SSL pbrun Certificate Authority File? [none]
155 SSL pbrun Cipher List? [HIGH:!SSLv2DES:!MD5:@ST...]
156 SSL pbrun Certificate Directory? [none]
157 SSL pbrun Certificate File? [none]
158 SSL pbrun Private Key Directory? [none]
159 SSL pbrun Private Key File? [none]
160 SSL pbrun Certificate Subject Checks? [none]
161 SSL Server Certificate Authority Direct... [none]
162 SSL Server Certificate Authority File? [none]
163 SSL Server Cipher List? [HIGH:!SSLv2:!3DES:!MD5:@ST...]
164 SSL Server Certificate Directory? [none]
165 SSL Server Certificate File? [/etc/pbssl.pem]
166 SSL Server Private Key Directory? [none]
167 SSL Server Private Key File? [/etc/pbssl.pem]
168 SSL Server Certificate Subject Checks? [none]
169 SSL Certificate Country Code [US]
170 SSL Certificate State/Province [AZ]
171 SSL Certificate Location (Town/City) [Phoenix]
172 SSL Certificate Organizational Unit/Dep... [Security]
173 SSL Certificate Organization [BeyondTrust]
174 Configure Privilege Management for Unix... [no]
175 Install BeyondTrust built-in third-part... [yes]
176 BeyondTrust built-in third-party librar... [/usr/lib/beyondtrust/pb]
188 Use PAM? [no]
196 Allow Remote Jobs? [yes]
197 UNIX Domain Socket directory [none]
198 Reject Null Passwords? [no]
199 Enable TCP keepalives? [no]
200 Name Resolution Timeout [0]