• Version 9.3.0 and earlier: replaytimeformat setting not available.
  • Version 9.4.0 and later: replaytimeformat setting available.

The pbreplay --timestamp (-t) option that can be used to specify the time format, using the format sequences that the date command uses.

Starting with version 9.4, the replaytimeformat keyword in pb.settings can be used to permanently specify a time format. The commandline option overrides the keyword. If the keyword is not specified, behavior is the same as pre v.9.4.

pbinstall creates the replaytimeformat with the default value %a %b %d %Y %r, resulting in date/time displayed in weekday month day year 12 hour AM/PM format.

Tue Aug 09 2016 04:52:44 PM

%a %b %d %Y %r (via pbinstall)

  • Policy servers
  • Log servers

For a list of format sequences, please see man date.