• Version 6.2 and earlier: pbping not available.
  • Version 7.0 and later: pbping available.

The pbping program is BeyondTrust Privilege Management’s client connectivity health check utility. pbping, run from a policy server daemon, checks connectivity to licensed clients’ pblocald daemon. When run without options, pbping checks connectivity to all licensed clients.

pbping [options]
   -h, --host host_name|IP_address
pbping -v, --version
pbping --help
-h, --host host_name|IP_address Checks a single host by host name or IP address.
--csv Produces output in comma-separated values.
-v, --version Displays the program information and exits.
--help Displays the program help message and exits.


Checks the status of all client hosts and return the results in comma-separated values format:
pbping --csv
Checks the status of host1:
pbping -h host1:

For more information, please see the following: