I/O Logfile Queue Options

These options allow users to maintain the database that queues the I/O logfile names for indexing to Solr.

pbdbutil --iologidx[<options>]
-l List queued iolog files.
-d <wildcard spec>

Delete queued iolog files.

When an iolog is started, pblogd (or pbmasterd) adds that iolog to the logfile queue with a pblogd_status of started and retry set to never. When the iolog file is closed in a normal fashion, the pblogd_status is set to finished. During the time that pblogd is active, it periodically sends a heartbeat. When an iolog is not properly closed (pbrun killed or network issues, for example), the heartbeat is used in conjunction with the iologactionqueuetimelimit keyword to artificially set the pblogd_status to finished, so that iolog can be processed for Solr or iologcloseaction. When an iolog is being processed for Solr or iologcloseaction, the proc_status is set to processing. When Solr or iologcloseaction has successfully completed, the proc_status is set to finished. When Solr reports a recoverable error, or iologcloseaction returns -1, the iolog is re-queued by setting lastupdated to now, setting retry (now + iologactionretry minutes), and incrementing the retries.

Delete all queued I/O log file names
pbdbutil –-iologidx -d \*